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Copia's Creative Takes Notice

It is an honor to also be recognized for our own business creativity. Our CC Brand Aid Kit is taking notice.

2009 American Design Awards :: Gold
Category: Self Promotion Design
Client: Copia Creative, Inc.

CC Brand Aid Kit: The idea for Copia Creative’s CC Brand Aid Kit was inspired to engage existing and potential clients with an understanding of our core capabilities and services. As much of the interactions were at tradeshows and on the road, our agency wanted useful components that also communicate our creativity and brand focus. With elements such as brand purifiers and performance gauges, ailing brands will be nursed back to health in no time. Our goal was to demonstrate our abilities, reinforce our brand identity, and create a meaningful and memorable experience through lighthearted direction and distinctive ideas.

American Design Awards: The American Design Awards provides a fair and ethical platform for agencies and designers to compete on a global level. Considerations for an award include creativity and talent, marketability, and effectiveness, as well as practicality and design abilities.

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