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Our Creativity is Awarded for Branding Green and Retail

Our Creativity Annual accolades stretch from sustainability campaigns to unique and compelling product packaging, retail campaigns, and event experiences.

The Creativity Annual Awards is one of the longest running independent international advertising and graphic design competitions in the world. A print, web, advertising, and media design competition, each year the judges choose the best from all over the world to be reproduced in the 400-page Creativity Awards Annual Book.

Our Awards

39th Creativity Annual Awards :: Gold
Category: Green Advertising Campaign
Client: IVIZE Group, LLC.

IVIZE Social Responsibility Campaign: Copia is proud to receive this honor as part of our focus on branding sustainability for our clients to align with strategy. In the case of IVIZE, we looked at how to reduce their carbon footprint, connect with their specific market, and differentiate from their competitors. As a company heavily involved in paper with document duplication, we are working with the company to position their technically driven e-products as well as develop a partnership with the Arbor Foundation. The Arbor Foundation was an appropriate recommendation as the company can continue to replenish supply as they use the demand. The initial roll out was designed around a tradeshow brand events that included an empty tree standee and leaves using recycled paper and soy-based ink, of course. The leaves were strategically placed throughout the conference and for each leaf returned to the IVIZE booth, the company donated $1 to the Arbor Foundation. We chose an industry tradeshow event to launch the company's green direction which served to drive booth traffic and generate new leads while positioning the company moving toward green in an authentic capacity. Other elements included a video and advertising. Ivize was acknowledged with industry awards and press. Each component was strategically implemented to tell the story and deliver a brand experience that positions and differentiates the brand.

2006 Davey Awards :: Gold
Category: Print and Collateral – Brochure
Client: Crowell, Weedon & Co.

Crowell, Weedon & Co. Profitable Investment Leaflet: Copia Creative and Crowell, Weedon & Co. are an award-winning combination. Crowell Weedon is distinct in remaining an independent investment firm. To reinforce Crowell Weedon’s position in the marketplace, Copia Creative developed the concept for a brochure that assists clients in understanding their changing financial needs based on personal growth. More than an informative marketing piece, this collateral serves as a tool for investors. Copia thought it only natural to connect the largest investment firm in western United States with another giant in California: the mighty sequoia. Just as the rings of the sequoia evolve over time, each stage of growth leads to new investment opportunities. Visual elements weave a thread of consistency with other Crowell Weedon collateral, including the award-winning marketing brochure and account form.

39th Creativity Annual Awards :: Silver
Category: Gourmet Product Packaging
Client: Artisan Cocoa, Inc.

Amella Caramels Product Packaging: Upon defining the brand identity and product name, Copia Creative's disciplined packaging process began with market research and analysis to define the structure and design as well as messaging and key positioning of Amella. We looked at incorporating a natural textured paper stock and explored the package orientation as part of our creative process. As the product is natural and hand crafted, the paper stock became integral in the design. Additionally, we decided on a portrait orientation as it lends itself to the beauty market (i.e. perfume, lipstick). The art direction was both modern and elegant with feminine and 18th century French art inspiration. The greatest challenge with the packaging was applying an extensive amount of required information (including FDA regulated ingredients and nutrition facts, plus flavor and product descriptions) into a small structure without impeding on the elegance of the design. Each package was launched with brand consistency, clearly communicated key attributes, and distinct creative.

39th Creativity Annual Awards :: Honorable Mention
Category: Tradeshow Exhibit
Client: Artisan Cocoa, Inc.
Amella Caramels Tradeshow Experience:

Our goal was to develop a tradeshow experience that reinforced the artisan touch and high-end quality of Amella with distinction and brand differentiation. In addition to developing and producing all exhibit components, Copia Creative also performed the consulting role to introduce and position the new Amella caramels. Our recommendations, concepts, and execution for the art-inspired collateral made a significant impact in generating awareness and business-to-business interest.

39th Creativity Annual Awards :: Honorable Mention
Category: Print Collateral Campaign
Client: Cappuccine
Cappuccine Print Collateral Campaign:

Copia Creative developed a core advertising campaign to support Cappuccine's originality and distinct attributes in a strong and compelling creative capacity. Each piece was developed to extend the brand experience, and drive awareness and sales. Our creative aligns with standards and practices to build recognition and manage market perception that delivers the breadth, depth, and quality of products and ingredients. As part of establishing the campaign, Copia Creative organized and directed a photo shoot to bring life to each signature Cappuccine drink and then applied an extensive artistic and modern approach to each signature flavor from Chai to their frappe collection with its own flair and attributes.

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