Our achievements are shared with our clients.

We take each objective from inception to results, accepting only the highest standards of excellence for our clients and ourselves. Our goal is to excel in each of our core service offerings
8 Pages of Copia Creative Designs and Communications are Featured

From advertising campaigns to web and corporate communications, Copia Creative’s original designs are showcased as effective examples across multiple industries and mediums.

The New Big Book of Layouts:
Great layouts are the beginning of all effective visual communication. The New Big Book
of Layouts showcases the best layouts in a variety of disciplines, including publication design to print design and more.

Our featured layouts include:
  • Amella Caramels Product Posters
  • Chapman Corporate Brochure
  • Chapman Practice Area Brochure Inserts
  • LeafWing Print Collateral
  • IVIZE Corporate Brochure
  • IVIZE Corporate Website
  • Cesar Millan Webinar Print Collateral
  • Copia Creative Website
Date of Release: May 2010

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