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Copia Sweeps the Daveys with 4 GOLD and 3 SILVER Awards

Seven is Copia’s lucky number at this year’s International Davey Awards. Copia Creative’s innovative vision and award-winning creative team have reached new heights in the marketing and advertising industry. We share our achievements with each of our valued clients.

The annual International Davey Awards honors the achievements of the "Creative Davids" who derive their strength from big ideas. The competition, sponsored by Adweek and Fortune, is judged and overseen by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA), an invitation-only member-based organization of leading professionals from various disciplines of the visual arts dedicated to embracing progress and the evolving nature of traditional and interactive media. No more than 10% of entries are awarded a Gold Davey.

Our Awards

2006 Davey Awards :: Gold
Category: Print and Collateral – Invitations/Cards
Client: Tiger Woods Foundation

TWLC Block Party Invitation: After completing the brand identity for the Tiger Woods Learning Center, it was time to announce the center’s vision and design the invitation for the inaugural “Block Party” benefit. Communicating the message of community and education, and introducing the state-of-the-art facility, inspired the concept, structure, layout and brand for the highly praised TWLC invitation package. The innovative design, elegant paper stock and use of foils resulted in an invitation that conveyed the festive elements of the event while maintaining professionalism for corporate sponsors.

2006 Davey Awards :: Gold
Category: Print and Collateral – Brochure
Client: Crowell, Weedon & Co.

Crowell, Weedon & Co. Profitable Investment Leaflet: Copia Creative and Crowell, Weedon & Co. are an award-winning combination. Crowell Weedon is distinct in remaining an independent investment firm. To reinforce Crowell Weedon’s position in the marketplace, Copia Creative developed the concept for a brochure that assists clients in understanding their changing financial needs based on personal growth. More than an informative marketing piece, this collateral serves as a tool for investors. Copia thought it only natural to connect the largest investment firm in western United States with another giant in California: the mighty sequoia. Just as the rings of the sequoia evolve over time, each stage of growth leads to new investment opportunities. Visual elements weave a thread of consistency with other Crowell Weedon collateral, including the award-winning marketing brochure and account form.

2006 Davey Awards :: Gold
Category: Print and Collateral – Logos
Client: So Cute

So Cute Brand Identity: A gold Davey Award … that’s So Cute! At Copia Creative we understand that a logo goes beyond a simple graphic and a name. A logo is a reflection of a company’s identity and reinforces its place in the market. Communicating So Cute’s youthful edge to the target market with a recognizable logo resulted in an essence of So Cute’s product offering: fun and memorable. The objective was to create a brand identity, establish a fashion-forward online presence, and impress upon an audience.

2006 Davey Awards :: Gold
Category: Print and Collateral – Packaging Campaign
Client: MM

MM Wedding Invitation: Copia Creative boasts its skills in creating and branding unique and memorable events. In this realm, we take care in all facets from paper selection to print treatments. From the suede texture of the paper to an earthy and upscale color palette, invitees were enticed to attend this private affair. The theme of the invitation extended to the event with branded elements and an experience that reinforced the aspects of the design and style.

2006 Davey Awards :: Silver
Category: Film/Video/TV – Charitable/Not-for-Profit
Client: Tiger Woods Foundation

TWLC Promotional Video: Everyone loves a sequel and this one’s a blockbuster! This is award number two for the Copia-produced TWLC promotional video, which premiered at the TWLC Block Party. The Block Party, a name conceived by Copia Creative, was an exclusive event hosted by Tiger Woods, to benefit the new Learning Center. Since there was no footage, no voice-overs, and not even a Learning Center when we started, imagination was our guide. Editing and original animation lend an inspirational element to the video. The result: a piece that reinforces the TWLC brand and communicates education, discovery and fun. The video continues to be used for promotional purposes.

2006 Davey Awards :: Silver
Category: Print and Collateral – B2B Campaign
Client: OnAbout

OnAbout Wine Assessment Cards: Once again, Copia Creative and OnAbout raise their glasses to toast their award-winning success. This time, the award goes to the Wine Assessment postcards, a series of teasers created specifically to communicate OnAbout’s value to wine distributors and retailers. OnAbout is a wine tasting adventure for the senses that encourages the consumer to understand their wine preferences while having fun. The messaging and design entice the recipient, promote the product and appeal to a commercial market. The color palette is in line with OnAbout’s brand identity reflecting purple grapes and red and white wine. The wine assessment questionnaire on the back of the postcards conveys OnAbout’s commitment to making wine education entertaining and interactive.

2006 Davey Awards :: Silver
Category: Print and Collateral – Other
Client: Copia Creative Inc.

Copia Creative Business Cards: Our business cards have Copia Creative written all over them. The Copia Creative Business Card is a communication tool that exemplifies Copia’s creative capabilities and corporate philosophy: Communicating Vision. The unique combination of rounded and pointed corners stands-out and lends a softness to the cards reminiscent of Copia’s website and brand identity. Our business card is distinguished through our specific choice of paper stock —the sueded texture attracts an immediate impression. The use of color treatment reflects our brand color palette and the sleek design bestows an element of sophistication coupled with creativity.

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