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Moving Toward Green, Step by Step
"Green" is a hot buzzword, but what does it mean? Until companies define it for themselves, they're never going to achieve sustainable practices. Michelle Adelson of Copia Green explains.

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Copia is featured in the Wall Street Journal
"If it sounds like something else, it's not going to be strong in the marketplace," Ms. Adelson says...

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Communicating in a Down Economy

We live in an ever-changing landscape where communication is instant and continuous. Consumers look toward connectivity, media, and communication channels to stay in touch with the market and their brand circles.

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CC Green Mail
With increased awareness on the benefits of being socially responsible, businesses are looking for ways to be environmentally conscious and implement more sustainable practices for their campaigns. Often, when people think direct mail, they envision a stuffed mailbox consequently followed by a stuffed trash can. With today’s greener choices there are options to save waste, cut costs, and reinforce a consistent “touch” strategy.

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Positioning Your Brand During Economic Changes
Every sector has been affected by the economic downturn from products to services. Small companies have had to close down their doors and large companies are looking to restructure and reposition themselves to become profitable once again and gain back the trust of a now, more skeptical market.

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Branding Tips in Today’s Economic Climate
We live in a changing landscape where communication is instant and continuous. Ensuring that your key messages and brand positioning are relatable to the current environment, especially in today’s struggling economic conditions, will allow your company to stay connected to your target audience. Start by determining the issues and challenges on the forefront of your customers’ minds. Address these topical matters directly in relation to your brand platform and how your business consistently responds. It is an opportunity to identify with your customers and in return, have your customers identify with your brand.

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Business Evolution through Innovative Touchpoints Essential for Survival
In the last 10 years newspaper circulation has continued to decline. Cable and satellite television has added hundreds of channels to the viewing public, diluting the dominance of a few major networks including NBC, CBS, and ABC. The internet and
the BlackBerry have changed the way we transmit, receive, and share news and information.

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Branding is not just a name, a logo, or a typeface. A brand is the emotional connection a company has with their stakeholders. It is the feeling people have when they think about a company or product.

The KISS Principle: The term KISS is an acronym for the phrase "keep it simple, stupid" often used by designers. Simplicity denotes beauty, purity, or clarity. Simple things are easier to explain and understand than complicated ones. Simplicity achieves the maximum effect in visual communication.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci

Unless your brand is connected to rainbows, keep your color palette moderately minimal. It makes navigation easier on the eyes.

Think outside of your box - being objective when addressing your target market is key, something that may appeal to you might not attract your audience and vice versa. Consider your demographic and strategize accordingly.

Don't confuse simplicity with ordinary or plain. It is actually a sign of elegance and sophistication. A busy website or brochure can be a headache. Keeping things clean and orderly will not only attract but raise interest and increase retention.

Brave new world - blogs, mobile technology, webcasting - while they might be new to you, these rapidly emerging mediums provide great marketing opportunities. Don't be afraid of these new technologies, embrace them, understand them, and discover how they can work for you.

Coherence is a commitment to brand standards. Every point of contact is considered a brand experience. The brand must contain the same core design components (e.g. color scheme, font style) in every communication to generate recognition and familiarity.

Brand Consistency: Consistency is essential in executing and maintaining a powerful brand identity. Cohesive communication across all medium (print collateral, advertising, web, and multimedia) elicits brand recognition and acceptance. Utilize a defined standard in the use of brand, color palette, marketing voice, and beyond.

Market to Your Market: Consider your target audience in each marketing endeavor: who they are, where they are, what they want, and their user habits. Keep in mind that understanding breeds acceptance; as markets change so must your approach. If you aren't making an impact on your market, you are not making an impact at all.

Online Marketing: Webmails are an effective, interactive communication tool that allows you to send high-end direct email campaigns to current and prospective clients. Key values: reach your target market, track and measure results, and disseminate up-to-date information.